Works On All Generation 2G, 3G and 4G (Depends on Tower Location)

Everywhere Every Time

Use your phone when you need it.
Clear and reliable 3G and 4G voice
and data. Goodbye, dropped calls.

13,000 sq ft Coverage

Ideal for a building, Cel-Fi has a
large coverage area - up to 13,000
Sq. Ft. (1,235 m2).

Simultaneous Users

High capacity signal booster,
handle many simultaneous calls
and high speed data.

Auto Configuration

Cel-Fi signal booster automatically
configures itself according to your


All Wireless

The Window Unit and the Coverage Unit communicate wirelessly, which makes setup a breeze.

Internal Antennas

Four internal high gain directional
antennas, automatically selected
for best coverage.

Easy on Battery

your cell no longer has to use all of
its energy trying to reach out to a far
away cell site, it lasts longer and
requires less charging.

Need More Bars

1 bar of 3G or 4G signal near one
window is all you need! Cel-Fi does
the rest.

Oh god, I have to make an urgent call and there is no network, what should I do now, is a common phrase, we utter, when we are in no network zone. Most of us switch from one subscriber to the other, to get the good network connection, But the problem remain same. Now what to do? Like every problem has a solution, this too has. To raise your network connection use mobile signal booster.

The device is used to foster the reception of the mobile phone in the local area by operating antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna. This devise is similar to cellular broadcast tower, which are transmitted by network providers. The size of the gadget is smaller than cellular broadcast tower. Mobile signal booster is intended for use in buildings.

People leaving or working in basement often suffer from no network problem, they can install it. More over this instrument can be used to raise the internet connection. The various types of mobile signal booster are 2G mobile signal booster,3g mobile signal booster, CDMA mobile signal booster.

The device will boost the signal strength and the advanced model allows multiple cell phones to use the same device at the same time. Therefore it is functional at commercial and home.